When I first envisioned Wounded World, I expected it to be a book that publishers would be very interested in.  Many people buy books about spirituality, right?

What I didn’t factor into that optimism was that “essays,” let alone “lyric essays,” are a hard sell these days, and that even in 2012 the fact that I make reference to my lesbian relationships in some of the essays would cause publishers to feel that this book didn’t speak to the mainstream.

After a few years of sending the bookout to agents, editors and contests, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  After all, since 2007, I’d been meeting with other writers, publishers and booksellers to grapple with the future of publishing.  One of those futures is independent publishing.  So my plan was to publish the essays first as a blog, two essays per week, serially—like Dickens—and work to grow my readership through the use of social media.

I also liked the idea of inviting comments on the blog, though I had no idea how satisfying this aspect of the process would become. When a book is published or a piece appears in a literary journal, the writer often has no idea what, if any, response readers are having to the work.  Sometimes, years later, I’ll run into someone who say, “Your book was really important to me,” but that’s random and infrequent. The individuals who took the time to comment on the blog, whether sharing their own experience, wisdom, feedback, creative writing or appreciation, gave me a wonderful gift with their response.

My next step is to independently publish the work as a print book and eventually as an e-book.  To this end, I’m asking for your participation in the next phase of this publishing experiment—would you be so kind as to complete a short survey for me?  Click this link to take you there: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WOUNDEDWORLD

Thanks to all of you who have been part of this journey.  And stay tuned for future experiments!

Love, Terry