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Published first as a blog, WOUNDED WORLD is now in print including 53 original photographs by Yvonne M. Estrada. You can order it here

As it turns out, it’s not inexpensive to publish 53 color photographs.  If the photo edition is beyond your means, there is also a more economical version without the photos.  You can order that here.

Someday there will be an electronic version but I’m still figuring that out.  Writers need to know so much more about technology than we used to!

This was a publishing experiment and you participated every step of the way. I hope you’ll continue to support the project by ordering your own copy and more for your friends. It’s also incredibly helpful if you:
• Go to the Wounded World entry on amazon.com and “Like” it.
• Post a review on amazon.com. (It doesn’t have to be long, you don’t have to be a professional reviewer, and it counts for more than you can imagine.)
• Mention the book on Facebook or Twitter or your blog.
• Post a review on Goodreads.com.  (Same as above).
• Invite me to write a post or interview me on your blog.
• Invite me to your book group or host a party for your friends; I’ll come read from and talk about the book; I’ll even lead a meditation, if you’d like.

What readers are saying about Wounded World

Poetic and evocative, Terry Wolverton’s work takes you on a memorable journey to dreams and the most poignant realities. — Adam Leipzig, producer and author

I love the sensitivity and grace of your writing. Thank you for making me FEEL the web of life and its tenuous threads. — Betty Ann Brown, author, Afternoons with June:
Stories about June Wayne’s Art and Life

…it’s stimulating, challenging, heartrending, and I always find myself thinking about aspects of it throughout the day. — Elise D’Haene, author, Licking Our Wounds

… I am reminded that I am part of the energy field, even in my separation, and always will be. — Pablo Alvarez, author, Gil Cuadros’ AZT-Land: A Queer Chicano
Literary Heritage

You are doing exactly what I have hoped for in the bloguniverse: releasing thoughful, lovely pieces of writing that have not appeared anyplace else—especially not in the mainstream media. This is the true revolution of the thinking people and I applaud it with all my heart and soul! — Karen Marie Krista Minns, author, Bloodsong